A Future Worth Fighting For

Our team is made up of students from all walks of life passionate about not only saving our future, but creating one worth saving as well. To that end, we’re always looking to collaborate with other organizations fighting in the struggle against racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, as well as any and all oppressive institutions of power.

We’re also constantly growing and evolving; since our founding, we’ve not only expanded to multiple campuses, but to the states of Utah and New York as well. Our team members are all volunteers, and we’re always happy to welcome more. If you’re interested in supporting our growth, consider joining our mailing list, donating, or volunteering your time.

Our movement fights to promote the interests of the planet and those who depend on it through a network of campus ambassadors, campus protests, training events, and resources. Together, we will Keep Colorado Green.

Our Team

Matthew Barad
Matthew BaradFounder
Matthew is a junior currently studying English and Political Science at Boston College. After three years working on public policy in Denver, he decided to start Keep Colorado Green in an effort to stop climate change in spite of national stagnation.
Jackson Chen
Jackson ChenDirector
Jackson Chen is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Computer Science and Statistics. His vision that economic and societal growth is dependent on environmental well-being has spurred his involvement in Keep Colorado Green.
Todd Conklin Jr
Todd Conklin JrDirector
Todd Conklin Jr is an economics and political science major at the University of Colorado Boulder. He joined Keep Colorado Green to keep Colorado at the forefront of the fight against climate change.
Sebastian Lloret
Sebastian LloretSocial Media Director
Sebastian Lloret is an Integrative Neuroscience major at Binghamton University. Their frustration with the world’s failure to address climate change led to his involvement with Keep Colorado Green.
Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthyDirector
Daniel McCarthy is sophomore at Boston College studying English and Political Science. He joined Keeping Colorado Green to fight climate change and show that progress is possible when people stand together.
Kelsey McKenna
Kelsey McKennaCampus Ambassador
Kelsey McKenna is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Applied Mathematics with a focus in economics and actuarial science. Her love for the environment, fear for the future, and desire for a better world are why she became a part of Keep Colorado Green.
Fernando Nazario
Fernando NazarioIT Director
Fernando Nazario is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Management at Boston College. Having been born and raised in Brazil, Fernando has seen first hand the cost of ignoring environmental catastrophe. His passion for environmental justice is what drove him to get involved.
Cory Vandenberg
Cory VandenbergCampus Ambassador
Cory Vandenberg is a sophomore at The University of Denver studying International Studies and Computer Science. His desire to make a difference, build a name in politics, and the urgency of expanding environmentalism are just a few of many reasons he decided to become a part of Keep Colorado Green.
John-Henry Williams
John-Henry WilliamsCampus Ambassador
John-Henry Williams is a junior film and new media studies major at The Colorado College. His in the trenches experience as an activist and storyteller spans a variety of issues, but the environment is chief among them. Starting at the Chesapeake Bay and reaching now to the Rocky Mountain West, John-Henry is committed to protecting land, water, and sky for the next seven generations to come.